2'x4' Ceiling Leak Diverter
2'x4' Ceiling Leak Diverter Discounts Apply !
5% off on 4 or more
Port A Tile Suspended Ceiling Leak Diverter Panels
  • 204-PT, Port-A-Tile system includes 1-2'x4' Port-A-tile Leak Diverter panel 20' 3/8" clear drain tubing, 6 grid hanger clips with adjustable ties and a sound absorbing mesh splash pad
  • For containing leaks above suspended ceilings without loss of valuable space below
  • Leaks are diverted to drain through 3/8" x 20' clear tubing attached to panel
  • Textured surface, low profile and clear pvc drain line and grid hanger clips make Port A Tile panels virtually invisible
  • Replace water damaged ceiling panels in 2'x2' and 2'x4' grid ceilings instantly
2'x4' Port A Tile Ceiling Leak Diverter
1 to 3 Panels $148.50
4 or more $141.08 ea.
minimum quantity 2 per order in any combination
Price: $148.50